The Best Metaverse Projects of the Market

Considering the staggering amount of new projects released by the day, it’s difficult to determine which is the best metaverse platform. Fortunately, a few are already making a name for themselves in the market.

The Best Metaverse Platforms

Investing in cryptocurrencies is always a good idea. However, to make the best out of digital assets, it’s a must to get acquainted with the best metaverse platforms there are as of today.


Decentraland, launched in 2018, is one of the most popular metaverses ever.

This metaverse is a game where people take on an avatar and interact with its digital world. The platform is a browser-based game where people can interact with others and participate in events while exploring its world. Naturally, investors can either buy LANDs to build in Decentraland or sell them.

Decentraland is the best metaverse project of the crypto scene because it has a deflationary economy. Its currency, the MANA coin, has a limited supply that is bound to raise its value eventually due to its burning system.

Additionally, its popularity ensures its economy won’t fall. Between 2021 and 2022, Decentraland evolved into the Bitcoin of the metaverse market. Since then, MANA has taken the spotlight and remained the best metaverse coin.

Lastly, the developers put forward a decentralized autonomous organization, a.k.a. DAO. This DAO, as well as any other, releases a pool funded by fiat investments. Then, those who put money into Decentraland have a say in its future. It is highly community-driven.

The Sandbox

This platform is much more diverse than Decentraland, but it’s still in its Alpha phase.

In The Sandbox, a person can do anything from creating mini-games to designing a whole building from scratch. The goal of this platform is within its name: it seeks to be a sandbox for any content creator or investor.

Although this metaverse is a game, the platform heavily encourages 3D NFT art and its circulation. In fact, the platform provides various tools to design and render non-fungible tokens. Wearables are incredibly profitable on The Sandbox’s market.

Economy-wise, the metaverse is well-off, similarly to Decentraland. The Sandbox’s coin, SAND, is consistently at the top, trying to take MANA’s throne down. Like its competitor, The Sandbox has a Bitcoin-like reputation thanks to its age: it was launched in 2017.

Theta TV

This metaverse distinguishes itself with its innovation and courage. Streaming platforms have been steadily increasing in revenue over the past years. As such, Theta developers saw the opportunity before them and unveiled their own streaming site: Theta TV.

Theta TV is a metaverse mostly inhabited by streamers. Parallel to Twitch, a user can either stream videos or donate to content creators with Theta Network’s coin THETA. What’s more, viewers get TFuel, a token of the platform, when they share a video.

The goal is simple: to provide a decentralized streaming metaverse cheaper than most platforms. That is an arduous feat as YouTube and Twitch dominate this field. Nevertheless, THETA saw an astronomical growth in 2021: the coin started at $2,4 and peaked with a 495% increase at $14,28.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a very straightforward metaverse. It’s a turn-based RPG game featuring duels using cute monsters.

These creatures are Axies, and each of them is unique. Since they are NFTs, finding two Axies with the same statistics, attacks and appearance is impossible. This premise charmed thousands of collectors and user-friendly RPG enthusiasts.

The metaverse stayed under the radar from its release in 2018 until the media caught wind of its economical prowess. Then, in 2021, the world discovered that thousands of families supported their lifestyles solely by playing Axie Infinity.

After that announcement, the game skyrocketed in fame as investors and gamers alike hopped into the trend. However, when the vogue died down, so did Axie Infinity’s economy. The platform rose and fell in a span of a few months.

The metaverse isn’t faulty, but it takes time to make some profit. Nonetheless, the project is still running and profitable. After all, people love the idea of earning money while having fun. That is why this platform was the best metaverse out there in 2021.

Epik Prime

Developers and artists usually take on projects independently. Epik Prime is trying to change that by collaborating with AAA games’ collectibles.

Games like Counter-Strike feature their own marketplace for collectibles. It’s a common sight in the gaming industry and Epik Prime’s project plans on capitalizing on that front. Its metaverse merges NFTs and coins with games’ collectibles.

Regardless, the Epikverse is a newly-formed platform. Thus, there are not many games using it at the moment. Luckily, the developers are actively seeking for collaborations. Its implementation will see more use in the future.

On top of that, the fact that this metaverse will work alongside renowned game developers make the boosts its legitimacy.

The Most Promising Metaverse Platforms

Even though the metaverse industry has revolutionized the market, it’s still in its baby steps. Many other platforms are in the making, waiting to surprise the crypto world once more.


The leaders of the NFT boom, Yuga Labs, have released a trailer of their next gamble: the Otherside metaverse.

This platform will be an MMORPG game based on their previous project Bored Yacht Club. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of this project, there’s still no release date for the metaverse. Regardless, the project aims to merge a fun gaming experience with NFTs.

The metaverse already has a few big metaverse companies, such as Animoca and Improbable, working other. Moreover, NFT collections’ creators will also collaborate on the project. Otherside has the internet so pumped that its coin, APECOIN, is already at the top 50 of popularity rank.


This project will use augmented reality so as to provide an immersive experience for NFT investors.

Enjin developers are creating a marketplace much like OpenSea. Yet, Effinity offers a distinct feature: users will be able to see their assets in the real world through AR technology. It’s a never-seen-before trait that has many investors expectant.

It’s worth mentioning that this project has been delayed several times. Some argue this is a good sign seeing as the Enjin team is trying to polish the platform before releasing a faulty product. Others fear the metaverse will be a letdown. Only time will tell.


Among the various metaverses displaying stunning visuals, Highstreet ought to be the best one.

The platform will be hosting numerous aspects of the crypto scene, such as a marketplace, games and NFTs. Highstreet is intended to be a beautiful, futuristic metaverse where people can enjoy gaming, launch their non-fungible tokens or trade them.

It’s an ambitious idea to design an all-in-one platform. Should it succeed, it’ll definitely be a clear contender for the title of the best metaverse in the market.

What’s the Future for the Metaverse Market?

Just a quick glimpse of all the fascinating released and yet-to-be-launched projects is enough to tell what the future holds for them. The chances of the metaverse falling apart is exceptionally unfeasible. If anything, they seem to grow stronger as the days go by.

Not only will the best metaverse platforms upgrade their systems, but new ones will shake up how cyberspaces are perceived.

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