How to Start a Project With a Service for Building in Decentraland

Decentraland is not only one of the best metaverse platforms, but it’s also an exciting project in many ways for investors and builders alike. Thus, brands have been looking for a way to build on this innovative platform.

There are two ways to construct in Decentraland. One option is to learn 3D modeling so as to design structures. This takes a lot of time, money, and energy. The other option is to hire a service for building in Decentraland, which saves a lot of headaches.

Hence, it’s important to know how to build in Decentraland and why outsourcing is the better option.

What are Decentraland and MANA?

Decentraland is a metaverse game based on Ethereum that incentivizes a global network of users to run a shared virtual world. In the platform, a user can do whatever they want with the lands they buy, tapping into the creative minds of architects and business owners worldwide.

MANA is Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency. The coin is required to buy land and collectibles such as avatars, clothes, and even tickets for an event. In this metaverse, every piece of virtual real estate is referred to as “LAND.”

As a result, the platform provides the perfect environment for businesses to grow. Those who own LANDs can build hubs with activities for users to participate in. The possibilities are endless.

What Do You Need to Start a Project in Decentraland?

You’ll need mainly 3 things, MANA, an NFT building company to design your project, and a parcel of LAND in Decentraland.

The very first requirement for running a project in Decentraland is to get MANA. Without it, it’s impossible to invest in the platform. The coin’s value is fluctuating constantly, so it’s no surprise the LANDs’ prices differ from time to time.

As for designing a project, most brands prefer to outsource it. Rather than exploring uncharted areas, it might be a better idea to hire a specialized firm for that. These companies can provide expert service for building in Decentraland.

Last but not least, LANDs are the most successful investment possible in this cyberspace. Bigger parcels of LANDs are called Estate, and consist of 2 or more contiguous land belonging to the same person. The bigger the Estate, the bigger the return.

How to Buy LAND

The areas with which you interact in Decentraland are LANDs, which work as the non-fungible tokens of the game. The owner gets to decide what to do with their LANDs.

It is possible to create games, applications, gambling services, and even dynamic 3D scenes. LAND-based services can be developed even in areas such as education, professional development, tourism, and so on.

However, there are a few steps to follow in order to purchase LANDs.

Create an Account or Log In

The first step is to sign in or create an account on Decentraland’s marketplace if you haven’t already. After signing in, navigate to “Parcels and Estates.” Then, “View All.”

Connect Your Wallet with Decentraland

Make sure your wallet is linked to your account before making the purchase, as the LAND will be transferred to your wallet as an NFT.

Remember to have enough MANA or ETH in your chosen wallet to complete the transaction. It’s worth mentioning that every purchase includes a gas fee. That means you’ll also pay a percentage of the transaction as a fee.

Choose a Parcel of LAND

The next point is to search through the available land parcels and select the one that fits your needs the most. By purchasing LAND in Decentraland directly from the marketplace, you can see the nearby places and its proximity to famous areas.

After you’ve decided on your virtual asset, click on it to learn more about it. The price of LAND in MANA, its availability, and the owner’s avatar can all be found there. Tap “Buy” to make a purchase.

Confirm Your LAND

Once the transaction is complete, you can confirm your LAND in your wallet.

That can be verified in the wallet’s “Collectibles” and “NFTs” tabs. On Decentraland, each non-fungible token is 16 by 16 meters and represents a unit of LAND. The number of land plots on the platform is limited to 90,000, adding to the sense of scarcity.

What a Service for Building in Decentraland Entails

Service for Building in Decentraland

In contrast to the real world, where architects typically design buildings for real-life constructions, NFT architecture is any business leader’s dream. Since the metaverse is hosted in a digital space, there are no physics laws, and innovative designs can thrive.

If you want a customized approach, you’ll need the Decentraland’s software development kit (SDK), as well as detailed parametric 3D modeling. That is why you need to choose carefully a service for building in Decentraland. Marvelous 3D models require high expertise, after all.

Regardless, designing a building project for Decentraland has a well-structured process behind it.

Choosing the Size

The size of the design will determine a few things like the space you count on to build your project or how many items your project can accommodate. For example, in the minimum piece of LAND, you’ll have 16x16m of space and up to 20 items.

Thus, the size of your project must coincide with the size of the LANDS you have available.

Deciding on the Design

Market research, design variations, facade design, and material selection, among others, are related to the visual aspect of your project. All of these factors work in tandem and designers consider them when presenting a model draft.

Luckily, that process will be handled by the NFT architecture company; all you have to do is pick the one you like best.

3D Modeling

Once the design is decided, it’s time to translate it into the model that will be displayed in your LAND in the future. The process of 3d model building Decentraland includes detailed systematic 3D modeling of your project’s exteriors/interiors or relevant spaces.

Adding Functionalities & Items

You can combine the distribution of digital clothing with your avatar branding or some NPCs in the building’s interior. These are pre-programmed characters, not people, who have a pre-determined role within the game. 

An NPC typically tells the story of the company and tells you where and what can be found in a building. Additionally, you can choose to put some stands that offer free distribution of in-game items with your logo on them.

Deployment & Publishing

When all the details are finished, it’s time to deploy and make your design public to other Decentraland players.

The designer company will take of the minting and publishing process, which involves the NFT’s algorithm. Without it, non-fungible tokens can’t be implemented into the metaverse as they don’t work on a blockchain consensus.


The metaverse shows a lot of promise, and its most bright example is Decentraland. The vast amount of events and other activities one can do on the platform is astounding. Naturally, the technology the game brings will undoubtedly make it into daily life; hence, reaching a wider audience.

From this point onwards, LAND will only grow in complexity and profitability. This is the perfect chance to enter the metaverse with the help of expert service for building in Decentraland. Your business can only grow from here!

Exolve is a Metaverse Architecture Studio that partners with forward-thinking brands to design web3 projects without boundaries. Our solid team of architectural 3D modelers, visualizers, and tech maniacs will help you design and build your metaverse or 3D NFT Collection of tomorrow.

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